AIMS5.0 - The next big step in digital transformation

16. -17. May 2024 // St Pölten, Austria

Meeting of the whole AIMS5.0 Consortium

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing leading to Sustainability and Industry5.0

  • AIMS5.0, a collaborative Innovation Action, aims at strengthening European digital sovereignty in comprehensively sustainable production. The project and its well-balanced consortium with 53 ambitious academic and industry partners intends to boost the economy by adopting, extending and implementing AI-enabled hardware and software components and systems across the whole industrial value chain.

  • New technologies from IoT and based on Semantic Web ontologies, ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will help European manufacturers to shift from Industry4.0 to Industry5.0, creating human-centric workplace conditions and a climate-friendly production.

  • We will see AI enabled fabs way more productive and eco-efficient. This will go hand in hand with shorter supply chains, a better resilience, a higher sustainability and global competitiveness keeping the main production in Europe.

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