Publication Due Date Creator DOI/Link
AcME-AD: Accelerated Model Explanations for Anomaly Detection
July, 2024

Valentina Zaccaria, David Dandolo,
Chiara Masiero, Gian Antonio Susto

Experimental Evaluation of Deep Neural Networks for Vehicle Model Identification
June, 2024

Amira Moualhi, Maryam Nezami,
Saleh Mulhem, Georg Schilbach

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Pattern-based serverless data processing pipelines for Function-as-a-Service orchestration systems
May, 2024

A. Mathew, V. Andrikopoulos,
F. J. Blaauw, and D. Karastoyanova

Bidirectional Human Interactive AI Framework for Social Robot Navigation
May, 2024

Tuba Girgin, Emre Girgin, Yigit Yildirim,
Emre Ugur, Mehmet Haklidir

Industry 5.0: Research Areas and Challenges With Artificial Intelligence and Human Acceptance
April 2024

G. Dimitrakopoulos, K. Karathanasopoulou,
A. Lackner, P. Varga, J. Delsing, M. Tauber,
G. Schneider, H. Ehm, T. Gutt, A. Hoess

The power of computer vision: enhancing manufacturing quality control by automated image classification
April, 2024
Corinna Kofler, Isabell Dicillia-Kowatsch
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Finding effective preventive maintenance policies for multiple machines in a single buffered flow line
March, 2024
Frank Hartman
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Carinthia dataset
February, 2024

Corinna Kofler, Sabrina Strauß,
Anja Zernig, Ernesto Lazaro Garcia,
Michael Boxleitner, Beatrix Mayr,
Isabell Dicillia-Kowatsch, Claudia Anna Dohr

Heterogeneous domain adaptation and equipment matching: DANN-based Alignment with Cyclic Supervision (DBACS)
January 2024
Natalie Gentner, Gian Antonio Susto
Data Augmentation Based on Depth Information for Neural Radiance Fields
January 2024

Hamed Razavi Khosroshahi, Jaime Sancho,
Gun Bang, Gauthier Lafruit, Eduardo Juarez,
and Mehrdad Teratani

An aggregation model for short-term WIP forecasting in a high-mix waferfab
November, 2023
Bram Smits
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Learning Priority Indices for Energy-Aware Scheduling of Jobs on Batch Processing Machines.
October 2023
Daniel Sascha Schorn, Lars Mönch
Interpretable Evaluation of Factual Consistency in Abstractive Summarization
August, 2023
Daan Hegger
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CeRULEo: Comprehensive utilitiEs for Remaining Useful Life Estimation methOds
August 2023
Luciano Lorenti, Gian Antonio Susto
On the Way to Realize the 5th Industrial Revolution: Achievements, Challenges and Research Areas
June 2023

G. Dimirakopoulos, K. Karathanasopoulou,
T. Gutt, H. Ehm, A. Lackner, A. Hoess,
G. Schneider

Industry 5.0 and Operations Management—the Importance of Human Factors
June 2023
Fabian Lindner, Gerald Reiner