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Feb 06 2024

Flights for future - autonomous drones on a mission

With the attempt to take the European Industry to the next level of digitalisation, first fundamental research activities in AIMS5.0 prepare the way to get the 20 use cases off the ground bringing the future of a highly efficient fabrication to life. One of the striking examples is an autonomous indoor drone.

As a work result of work package 5, the drone will demonstrate an AI based improved connection between production and logistics. Developed by IPH, “Institut für integrierte Produktion Hannover” from Germany it will work as a scan device covering a complete production site of carmaker BMW to create a digital twin of it.

Daily scans for digital twins

The drone is able to navigate autonomously through a manufacturing hall catching every corner and measuring each millimetre. Other than a ground bound device, it can measure even closed robot cells or conveyor belts. Together with the metrics from a ground bound automated guided vehicle system (AGV), a robot dog, the gapless data collection enables an accurate three-dimensional reproduction for a digital twin with regular updates.

Feb 02 2024

Sharing knowledge in Austria

With regard to collaboration and synergy effects within and across the project, a major event in 2023 is worth being noted, which, in fact, was a two-in-one event. 

On 27-28 September, the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten, Austria, hosted the Deep Tech Workshop as part of the two large-scale European initiatives AIMS5.0 and Arrowhead fPVN, while at the same time, the new Research Studio Smart Digital Industries and Services (SDIS) was opened on the premises of the university.    

Both Arrowhead fPVN coordinator Luleå  University of Technology (LTU) in Sweden and SDIS founder Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft (RSA FG) are members of the AIMS5.0 consortium. LTU is co-leader of WP3 working on the cyber architecture, and RSA is co-leader of WP7 dealing with human acceptance, trust and ethics for Digital Workspaces. 

Deep Tech Workshop for collaboration

The Deep Tech Workshop’s primary focus was on common technologies and initial use of use-cases in AIMS5.0 and Arrowhead fPVN. The latter project name stands for the Arrowhead framework and implementation platform focusing on flexible Production Value Network (fPVN). The workshop provided a valuable forum for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas on topics like cyber architecture, data models or AI code generation.

Nov 14 2023

Collaboration at its best

AIMS5.0 is one of those projects where major findings from other research initiatives are taken to the next level, thus bringing them to life. The subject in question is a Digital Reference (DR), a holistic ontology for supply chains in the field of semiconductor. Its characteristics in turn, represent the self-image of the complete AIMS5.0 project as an intelligent collaboration between partners and other projects, for mutual benefit and growth. 

The Semantic Web model will help to clearly interpret and exchange countless information and data in a complex supply chain. This way, ambitious goals in fields like quality management or sustainability can easily be achieved in a new manner. In AIMS5.0, DR and other ontologies are subject to WP4, based on the idea that in the area of the Internet of things (IoT) ontology creates a language that is understood by humans and computers alike with the aim of smooth interaction throughout the entire supply chain.

Total network

A targeted open access platform shall improve a comprehensive data exchange, and the DR stems from the previous digitalisation project Productive4.0 forming the backbone for the intended platform. Moreover, AIMS5.0 benefits from the relevant research work in the following smaller but highly specialised project SC³, which exclusively focused on DR and ontology and created the further elaborated theoretical foundation for various industrial use cases in AIMS5.0.